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Finally there is a solution for asymmetrical breasts

The bravaria bra

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The first bra for different sized breasts!

You are not alone!

Even if the media and retailers like to portray it differently: You are neither alone nor in the minority with a breast asymmetry – regardless of whether it is caused by genetic predisposition, pregnancy or illness. Asymmetrical breasts are not the exception but the rule. And you should never be ashamed of them at any moment.

80% of women have breasts of different sizes.

One breast is smaller than the other.
you are not alone in this matter!

50% of women wear the wrong bra size

A standard bra simply does not fit many women.

Only one online store for different sized breasts

The bravaria bra fits perfectly and ensures a symmetrical appearance.


The bravaria bra

You should be optimally supported in future – with our perfectly fitting bras. We make bras with different cup sizes and balance them optically to create a symmetrical appearance. You can already look forward to perfectly fitting bras with lots of wearing comfort – without any stuffing or awkward re-stitching.

With bravaria we are introducing a long overdue change: in the market and especially in the self-perception of women with breast asymmetry.



Feedback on bravaria

What our customers say:

“I wanted to say THANK YOU for this great bra! Fits perfectly. Now I can finally wear tighter tops again without feeling uncomfortable. “

“First of all, thank you very much, everything went well, I received the bra and I am very satisfied. A great idea! Thank you very much for that!”

“For the first time in many years, I have a matching bra! Thanks! A bikini would be great too! “

“I had to be 60 years old before I got the first chance at a bra for myself. It’s great that this is finally someone’s business! “

“For me, the bra is the perfect summer replacement because I don’t need to wear my silicone prosthesis.”

“For the first time in many years, I have a matching bra! Thanks! A bikini would be great too! “

“Thank you for the quick response and great handling! You are ahead of some other companies! “

“The best thing is to look down, finally everything is the same!”

“I would like to tell you that I was very pleased that the bra was shipped almost free of plastic.”

“I’ve got used to having less back pain.”

“You are a great shop with a great product, keep it up.”

“It was definitely worth the wait! I’m very satisfied.”

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