Temporary mask alá mum-in-law



Temporarily limited. to 3 pieces per order.

Temporary mask alá mum-in-law

Special times require special products in our online shop.

Therefore we would like to offer you provisional masks, which you can add to your order. The price consists of working material + working time, furthermore the mask can be reused several times. Each provisional mask is personally sewn by the mum-in-law and is unique – the actual appearance can therefore vary.

Certified protective masks are a very rare commodity. They include hygiene masks as well as certified respiratory protection masks of classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. Masks of this type are in short supply. We should leave them to those who need them urgently, mainly medical professionals. The self-sewn mask cannot replace these masks because it is not certified and cannot be worn by hospital staff.
However, any self-sewn temporary mask is a protective mask that has not been purchased. With self-sewn masks we can hopefully provide a little bit of relief in an extremely stressed market.

When you receive the provisional mask, it must be washed.

Please wash it hot! At least at 60°C, washed in the washing machine or boiled in a water bath on the oven. Then dry. Only touch it “with pointed fingers” (and washed hands!) on the outer side, ideally only on the straps.

Please note: Due to hygienic regulations the masks are unfortunately excluded from return or exchange.

The mask is available in 2 versions:

Neutral – Neutral colours, can be used on both sides without imprint
Smile – Neutral colours – can be used on both sides but on one side with a painted smile 🙂

Please pay attention to the following instructions!

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  • Do not neglect social distancing and hand hygiene!

"Never forget the distance rule, to sneeze in your armpit or a tissue and to wash your hands!" This is probably the most important rule when it comes to sewing provisional masks. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is very clear on this point. According to the RKI, wearing a mouth-nose cover can be an additional element in reducing the speed at which COVID-19 spreads in the population - but only if a distance (at least 1.5 metres) from other people is maintained, rules for coughing and sneezing and good hand hygiene are observed.

  • Don't don't lull yourself into a false sense of security!

The provisional mask is intended to reduce the spread of droplets by the wearer. When we talk, cough or sneeze, we release droplets. The flow of these droplets can be slowed down by a provisional mask as a mechanical barrier. So if you wear a mask, it does not protect you, but other people from you. For people suffering from Covid-19, wearing a mask can be useful to protect other people from infection.

However, to ensure the protective effect, please observe point 9 and the following categorisation of the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices:


The provisional mask is managed here as a "community mask". A protective effect is "generally not proven". However, the mask can reduce droplet ejection and "support the health-related, careful treatment of oneself and others".

  • How to put the mask on

When putting on a mask, you must be careful not to contaminate the inside. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. The mask must be placed over the mouth and nose and should fit as tightly as possible along the edges. Test that the mask allows enough air to pass through the mask the first time you use it. A mask that prevents you from breathing is a health risk.

  • These wearing instructions must be observed

When the mask is put on and correctly fitted, do not tug at it! A used mask is potentially pathogenic. Touch it as little as possible. Carefully remove the temporary mask after use. Ideally you should only touch the straps again. Wash your hands thoroughly after taking it off.

A soaked mask should be taken off immediately and replaced if necessary. Before you wear it again, you should boil it or wash it in the washing machine, preferably at 90°C, but at least at 60°C, and then dry it completely.

**Source, text partly taken from: https://blog.bernina.com/de/2020/04/behelfsmaske-naehen-was-man-wissen-muss/

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Mask "Smile", Mask "Neutral"